William Kladis

Realtime VFX Artist
UI/UX Designer
Motion Graphic Artist

"Working with William was a smooth and professional experience - we had a very tight deadline and a large task-list to undertake, and he was able to deliver them all a day ahead of schedule. He was extremely professional in his work, output and manner; he also tolerated my terrible jokes with grace. Outstanding! I highly recommend WIlliam for VFX needs in any regard."

− Phillip Morales, TimeGate Studios

"Need stellar, unique, and beautiful VFX for your project? Bill Kladis is your man. Bill came in mid-way through the development of LEGO Universe and unobtrusively imbedded himself with the team, quickly learned our development pipelines and adapted to our processes, and most importantly, helped improve the visual quality of our game with his fantastic skill set. Bill is a hard worker, very personable, and never let me down or missed a deadline during the time we worked together. Hire him."

− Allen Eccles, NetDevil

"William Kladis is a dedicated artist at Netdevil. Over the past year he has made a tremendous impact on the quality and overall beauty of LEGO Universe . His understanding of the game's visual aesthetic and design is remarkable, and his contributions rank amongst the highest in my opinion."

− Kevin Cook, NetDevil

"William is bright, energetic, compassionate and genuinely well rounded.
He is one of the few individuals that I know who excels at what he does because he loves what he does. Driven by passion and sheer skills, he understands how to focus and accomplish. It gives me an absolute pleasure to recommand William Kladis to any companies that look for superior employees."

− Dave Kang, NetDevil

"Bill Kladis is one of the top artists on my VFX team. He is a creative person with great instincts and holds the abilities of everything I look for in an FX artist. He is part conceptualist, animator, modeler and compositor, and this is the tall order of skills I look for in a good FX artist. Additionally he is fast, organised and great to work with. In addition he is always working on honing his skills away from the workplace which I find very commendable."

− Michael Talarico, NetDevil

"I have had the privilege to work with Bill in two separate companies. While he has always been in a separate department than my own, our paths have crossed many times in the production pipeline. Bill is very easy going and approachable. He has clear communication skills and a strong respectfulness for his fellow colleagues. I have always regarded Bill's knowledge of software and work-flow as a great resource for any production problems that I have encountered. I highly recommend Bill and hope to work with him in the future."

− Ryan Avis, NetDevil

"Bill has an excellent sense of humor (which is absolutely crucial on this particular project) but is all business when it comes to delivering his work. His creativity and great eye have defined the interface and those attributes carry-over flawlessly to the other visual contributions that he makes to this game."

− Michael Geiger, Idol Minds